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You’ve probably heard the phrase before: “top hair stylist.” It’s a phrase that’s charged with meaning, but it doesn’t necessarily explain why someone might be a top hair stylist, or what exactly being a top hair stylist entails. Luckily, we’re here to help! In this post, we’ll talk briefly about what it means to be a top hair stylist, and what clients of hair salons in New York can expect when they sit down for a new style.

Ready? Okay!

What is a Top Hair Stylist?

There’s no official system for selecting top hair stylists or hairdresser. In other words, there’s no major contest that every stylist enters, there’s no crazy Thunderdome in which two stylists enter and one stylist leaves, and there’s no big test that determines who the best stylists in the country are. Instead, top hair stylists are discovered based on the services they provide in a beauty salon to their clients, and the trends they set through their bold visions.

Being a top hair stylist or hairdresser doesn’t simply mean you have good clients or are competent at your job. It means that every day, you demonstrate a level of skill that other stylists simply can’t keep up with. Top hair stylists set trends, take chances and wield the trust of their clients well to accomplish feats often though impossible in the world of fashion.

A top hair stylist is someone who continually learns and strives forward in order to lead the fashion pack and deliver unmatched ability to every person he or she comes in contact with.

What Makes Ygallery Salon a Home for Top Hair Stylists

Ygallery salon is dedicated to being one of the most fashion forward and of the high quality hair salons in New York. Its location, right in the heart of Soho, makes it a fashion destination for people all over the city. And the studio’s attention to quality and dedication to exceeding its clients expectations means that only top hair stylists and hairdresser can survive. Without the ability to do the job right, on time every time, a stylist simply can’t make the cut at Ygallery. Stylists must have an expertise in advanced salon hair treatments like Ombre highlights, Keratin treatments, Brazilian Keratin, Balayage, and blow outs, along with a deep understanding of the fundamentals of hair color and the demands clients place on their hairdresser and salon colorists.

Serving clients and being a beacon of the Soho hair scene requires top hair stylists capable of building trends, maintaining client connections and ensuring that ever customer that walks through the door is completely satisfied with the work he or she receives. Top hair stylists know that skill with hair and hair products isn’t all it takes to be an industry leader. You have to be good with clients, you have to listen to feedback, and you have to earn the trust of the people who rely on you to keep them looking their best. It’s not a small responsibility, and the hair stylists found at Ygallery take it extremely personally.

Simply put, top hair stylists and hairdresser know that a woman hair cut as well as a man hair cut is only as good as the client believes it is, and that every fashion decision must be delivered with care and affection. That’s what makes us one of the best hair salons in the world.


If you’re curious to see what a top hair stylist can do for you, try stopping by at Ygallery to get an idea of how their stylists approach the work of fashion. You will be impressed with what you see.




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