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With our strong, four star Yelp rating, we are pleased to share with you some of the most recent reviews on Yelp and Google. Whether clients sing the praises of a particular stylist or they’re simply raving about our oh-so-luxurious shampoo chairs (!), we are honored to make so many New Yorkers feel their most relaxed and beautiful selves. Thank you.

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Jennie wrote on 3/21/12: Ive known the owner Yaniv for years and Ive followed him from salon to salon until he finally opened this trendy little spot. I was always really happy to send my friends to him, but now with his own place is soho — Im more than proud of being his client. Im a bleach blonde with the perfect shade of blonde, thanks to him. I always get so many compliments walking out of his salon that I’ve even sent random strangers to him. I highly recommend him (if you didnt already get that), but his overall staff as well. They are super professional and always nice.

Ashley P. wrote on Yelp on 2/23/12: “Go See Fallon…I have been a client of her for over a year.  Let me begin by saying that my haircut is not only amazing when I leave the salon, but it actually grows out to be just as beautiful.  I am not the type of person that has naturally great hair and I don’t go to the salon as much as I probably should so this is exactly what I was looking for in a stylist.  Fallon always listens and gives great suggestions if you’re not sure what you are looking for.  I highly recommend going to see her, you’ll be glad you did!”

Pamela S. wrote on Yelp on 2/5/12: “I came in to spruce up my too-long, mono-length blonde hair with a $50 Google Offer in hand and after a relaxing shampoo, a great layered cut and style by Kash (Ka$h?), and 2 crisply cold glasses of white wine, left with the best hair I’ve had in years. In Brooklyn that night, a bartender gushed to me about the beautiful waves that Kash had given me with the aid of — counterintuitively — a flat iron used as a curling iron. Many thanks to Kash for making me look less “Utah,” as he put it, and for the useful advice about home coloring!”

Katie G. wrote on Yelp on 12/19/11: “Had a really good experience here with Ka$h. He’s a new stylist, I get the impression, but very good. I can talk hair-speak since I work for a very prominent cosmetics company, and him and I got along very well. It’s a little pricey, so I’m very happy I booked a cut/color/blowdry on Lifebooker, not sure if I would have come here otherwise. To say that single process is 65-100 dollars? That’s priced pretty high, from my experience. That being said, I would never dock stars based on pricing unless I felt the price didn’t amount to the service. The services were great, my cut and color look totally fab, and I felt overall – the experience was warm, and I would go back! Also, the Israeli assistant, who didn’t speak much english, but was very nice – did a fantastic hair wash – one of the best! Overall – I was very happy with this experience, and would come back.”

Sarah M. wrote on Yelp on 2/21/12: “I gotta say. Since moving to NYC 3 yrs ago I haven’t been able to find a decent salon and hairdresser to go to. I did a Rue La La deal and got a cut and single process color for 90$$ I cannot tell you enough about Dave!!!! He was amazing and we clicked right away. He kinda just knew what I wanted. The color is fantastic and the cute I love!! I have gotten compliments from everyone I’ve come in contact with. Thank you and I will be continuing to get my hair done here!!! MY only complaint is the girl next to me was getting wine served to her every 5 minutes. I was never offered wine once so hopfully the next time I go I will get a little wine!!! Thanks again!! Go see Dave!!!!!”

Jessica R. updated her Yelp review on 1/15/12: “I did go back in and Yoni did make it right and was very nice and accommodating.  Much happier with my hair and he fixed it at no cost.  I really appreciate him making this right and my hair looks much better.  In the future I will make sure to book any appointments with Yoni.  He did a great job and turned me into a happy client.”

Lucy B. wrote on Yelp on 1/8/12: “I desperately wanted to get my hair dyed, but didn’t want to spend a crazy amount, so I booked an appointment through lifebooker at YGallery. I honestly didn’t plan on making myself a regular. But, Lissette completely changed my mind. She was no bullshit, which is not the norm in her profession in my experience. Not only did she give me an absolutely amazing dye job, she also gave me a great plan of action for how to take care of my hair going forward (which shampoo and conditioner to use, how to touch up just the roots, etc.). I was so impressed that I booked a haircut with her a week later. After a long and stressful day at work, Lissette is a breath of trust worthy fresh air. I would definitely recommend her!”

Michelle Wendy wrote on Google Places on 10/7/11: Awesome Popular Hair Salon!! I booked an appointment this past Wednesday morning for the same day after I saw they were having a one day sale, 60% off women’s haircuts! Normally it’s 50% off (cut price $100) so $40 for a last minute cut? Done and done!! Reception was really nice on the phone and when I arrived was offered a glass of wine right away. My stylist, Lisette, listened to what I was looking for and looked at photos that I had on my iPad to show her. We came up with a great cut that would help my hair continue to grow well and not take off the length too much yet keep it growing healthy. I told her I was dying to have the long shiny locks I had as a kid/teen. After Cara washed my hair in the separate shampoo room (super comfy reclined chairs) I was back at Lisette’s station. After the first snip she showed me what she cut, a true 3/4″. My hair came out beautifully. I had grown out a long bob cut for well over a year and a half so Lisette cut it all into one length with piecey long layers in the back, not too many but enough so that I could see them and they make my hair really light and soft. I have so much thick hair so this was quite an undertaking. Speaking of undertaking, she also blew my hair out beautifully, with tons of body and movement. They state on their Lifebooker page that it’s cash only so be prepared for that. I’ll be back in 10 weeks as per Lisette. By next spring/summer it should be more than halfway down my back… can’t wait!

Erica H. wrote on Yelp on 8/13/11:My experience at Y Gallery was BEYOND FANTASTIC!!! I CAN’T stop ranting and raving about it! I’ve gotten many compliments on my hair and it’s only been a week. Yoni, one of the owners, did my hair and was so patient with me (I was there for 4 hours but it was so worth it) and made me feel at ease (dark hair tends to pull copper if you try to go lighter). Sure enough my hair isn’t copper and I’m in love with YGallery. Everyone was super friendly and it’s also a great facility. Very clean and great music. Great things to drink as well and they also use great products… I really love this place. I’m definitely going back.”

Megan C. wrote on Yelp on 8/4/11:Totally found my new salon and new stylist!  Such a hard thing to find in this city.  Let me tell you about my entire experience here… I have been searching for a new stylist for some time and using Lifebooker in my search.  The first couple places I tried just didn’t work out, and then  I came upon YGallery.  I went in on a Monday and had a stylist that I won’t name as I don’t want to ruin any business for him, and well… I was very disappointed.  I really liked the salon and everyone was super friendly and the shampoo was amazing, but the color was not at ALL what I had wanted.  The stylist was friendly but I just didn’t get that “I’ve found the one” feeling and I felt the experience was more about him then me.  I tried HARD to live with my color which was more red like Mona from Who’s The Boss (my new stylist’s analogy!) than the warm chocolate brown I was going for. So I’ve done something I’ve never done, and called to tell them I was unhappy.  They got me in the very next day and I found “the one”.  Again, everyone from the receptionist to the shampooer Kyle (awesome), to the owners walking through were so inviting and warm and my stylist, spectacular.  Totally gelled with her and she did EXACTLY what I wanted.  It’s by far my favorite color I’ve ever had and the blowout she gave me is incredible.  So looking forward to going back to get a cut from her.  Definitely check this place out!

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