Sure-fire Short

Some women regard the short hair cut as the elusive holy grail of fashion. Sure, gorgeous celebrities like Jennifer Lawrence, Emma Watson, or Victoria Beckham can sport the bold hairstyle that says, “I’m sexy, I’m spunky, and I am confident.” But with some articles still suggesting that men find women with long hair more attractive (even in 2014!), not all of us have the self-possession to rock a Rihanna.

The secret to the short-cropped celebrities’ confidence to lob their locks isn’t in their sky-high cheekbones or their long slim necks. Instead, the common factor behind each of these fashionistas is that their celebrity hair stylist knew which type of short hair cut would work best with their unique face.

Your YGallery Salon hairstylist will consider your face shape, your features proportion, and your hair texture before even reaching for his scissors. For instance, if your face is on the longer side—as opposed a heart-shaped face or an oval face—a Jamie Lee Curtis-style pixie cut probably won’t be as flattering on you. But if you’ve got a round face shape, an Anne Hathaway-inspired short cut will emphasize your cheekbones and your eyes beautifully. Then again, if your hair is curly or superfine, opting for a layered, razored edgy cut may pouf horrendously or leave you looking flat. Better to consider a long bob like Jessica Chastain or Meg Ryan.

Another thing to consider is how much hair maintenance you can handle. Short hair cuts need frequent trims and up-keep, and you may have to invest in specific products that your YGallery hairstylist can recommend. (Btw, if you’re committing yourself to a high maintenance hair-do, check out YGallery’s haircut packages and save yourself a few hundred bucks!)

Go ahead and BE BOLD. Talk to your YGallery hairstylist about how a short hair cut can look great on you. With the right knowledge and a great hairstylist, we are going to help you own your short ‘n sassy look this season.


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