Summer Hair Tips

YGallery Salon in SoHo wants to make sure your hair looks and feels its very best during the summer months. Follow these easy tips to have sexy, natural, beautiful summer hair.

1. Fight frizz

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Before you can understand how to fight the frizzes, its important to know what frizz is, and why it happens. “Hair frizzes for two reasons,” says YGallery Salon co-owner Yaniv Levy. “Either because it has been damaged– by heat, harsh products or over-processing– or because it is has too much static, and as a result it absorbs all the moisture in the air and expands.”

There are several options to combat the frizz, Yaniv says, such as a deep conditioning treatment, sulfate-free shampoos and conditions, or anti-frizz serums. One of the most effective and long-lasting frizz fighters is a keratin treatment, which de-frizzes even the puffiest of hair, for up to three months!

2. Protection

Not only can the hot summer sun fade your hair color, but it can actually damage your hair’s inner structure, resulting in weakened and thinned hair. Since wearing a hat isn’t always an option, YGallery Salon has some great heat protection balms, lotions and polishes that will filter out harmful UVA and UVB rays. And if dandruff is a problem for you, look no further than Dr. Marder’s Total Relief Shampoo and Conditioner. These products are formulated without sulfates and infused with vitamins, essential oils and antioxidants to nourish the scalp and relieve itchiness and flaking.

3. Go with the Flow

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If you’re a naturally curly headed gal, the summer might not be the best time to sport a straight mane. Ditto for the naturally straight-haireds out there. YGallery Salon co-owner Yoni Kreger says that the summer is your chance to embrace your natural texture. “So long as you seal the hair cuticle,” Yoni says, “natural curls are a beautiful way to achieve that easy, organic summertime look.”

For at-home options for sealing cuticles, Yoni recommends Bumble and bumble.’s Quenching Conditioner.

4. If its wet, let it set… if its dry put it up high!

One of the worst things you can do to your hair is to throw it up in a ponytail or bun while its wet. “When hair fibers are wet, they’re at their most fragile,” says YGallery Salon stylist Omar Otero, who cringes when he sees women leaving the gym with wet hair wrapped together in an elastic band.

So when you’re fresh from a dunk in the ocean or pool, don’t wrap your hair back up in a ponytail, just finger comb your hair to remove as much excess water as possible and let it air dry.

But, if your hair is already dry, try one of the easy updos that are hot this summer, like the undone bun, the double bun, or braids.

5. Food Belongs in your Belly, not your Hair

Eat your food... don't wear it!Its true, omega-3 rich foods like salmon and olive oil, or vitamin A-rich food like kale and other leafy greens are really good for your hair… when you eat them, not wear them. Several old wives’ tales about lemon juice, olive oil and mayonnaise being good for your hair persist, despite the possible damage they may cause.

“Stick to professional products,” warns Yaniv. “Foods can either dry out your hair or make them overly greasy.” Not to mention, smelling like a salad might not be the most attractive move you can make this summer.

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