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Have you ever wondered if there’s a secret to getting the perfect woman’s hair cut? Ever step out of a hair salon with a less-than-stellar do, completely in shock? You’re not alone: Millions of women across the country get lackluster or even terrible women’s hair cuts every year. There are several factors that intermingle to create a perfect style storm, and we’ve compiled a quick list of things to remember before sitting down in the hair salon for your next cut and color.

If you want the best woman’s hair cut possible, try to keep these things in mind:

Your Stylist isn’t a Miracle Worker

There are a variety of amazing women’s hair cuts out there, and you’ve probably seen a fair few on models and celebrities. Trouble is, your stylist can really only work with the hair you have, meaning the best women’s hair cut for someone else might not be the best for you. Take stock of your hair type and try and find styles that look good while working within the boundaries of your natural hair. Even the top hair stylist in the world working with the most advance salon hair treatments out of a cutting-edge beauty salon equipped with a brilliant salon colorist and talented hairdresser can only work with your individual hair type.

You Will Need to Duplicate the Style

Your stylist is probably amazing. After all, he or she is an expert at styling hair. But you, of course, are a regular human with regular human time constraints. Remember that whatever women’s hair cut you end up settling on will need to be reproduced daily if you want to look your best. If you don’t have two hours to style your hair in the morning, don’t opt for a women’s hair cut that demands that type of attention. Focus on styles that fit into your personal habits and you’ll be just fine. Some things are temporary, like Ombre highlights, Balayage, Keratin treatments, blow outs and blow drying, but the main look should be something you can accomplish.

Your Stylist is Smart – Listen to Him/Her

There is a reason you’re in the hair salon and your stylist is doing the cutting: He or she knows what to do and how to do it. If your stylist doesn’t think a particular woman’s hair cut will work well for your face or hair type, it’s probably a good idea to listen. You, of course, are always in charge of your haircut, but don’t blame the stylist if you avoid his or her advice and end up with a woman’s hair cut that you hate. Trusting in your stylist is often the easiest way to land an unexpectedly good do.

Questions Only Help

If you have questions about women’s hair cuts, your hair type, celebrity style or anything else, ask your stylist. He or she is there to help you make good decisions, and you’re not hurting anyone by requesting as much information as possible near the beginning of your cut. Remember: If you have a question but fail to ask, the end result is sort of your fault. If you’re ever unsure about a procedure or curious about your options for a woman’s hair cut, please, please ask the stylist before proceeding.

If you have the right stylist and the right frame of mind, landing the best possible woman’s hair cut isn’t quite as hard as you may think. Take some time to ask questions, be sure you’re comfortable with your hair type and your options, and you’ll be just fine.



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