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Most of us take our hair for granted. When we stop in for a haircut or a blow out, we assume our hair will respond in the correct manner. In fact, it’s rare that we ever stop and think about what hair actually is, or why it grows out of our heads instead of on our feet or elbows (at least, in the normal quantities).

Hair is a very cool thing, indeed, and it’s something we use to express our personal style and help keep us easily identifiable to the important people in our lives. Your hair says a lot about who you are and who you want to be, so it’s important to take a moment and think about the more interesting facets of our lovely locks. Finding the best hair cut demands an understanding of the basics.

Different Types of Hair

There are many different types of hair, each with its own unique set of benefits and drawbacks. Knowing which type of hair you have can go a long way toward picking the right style for you, so check out this quick overview if you’re not quite sure. Bear in mind that top hair stylists working with top-notch beauty salons will be well versed in the different types of hair, and in how they respond to salon hair treatments like hair color, Keratin treatment, Brazilian Keratin, blow outs, and blow drying.

Fine Hair

Fine hair has a beautiful natural shine, but the trade-off is that it is very small in diameter. It is easily damaged and difficult to style, especially in men. Usually those with fine hair look to find volume through salon treatments and special products, but fine hair can be quite lovely on its own when properly cared for. This type of hair is trickier for men hair cuts than for woman hair cuts, as having less hair with which to work makes it easier to spot mistakes or loss.

Medium Hair

Medium hair is what the majority of people have. It is thicker in diameter than fine hair, and much easier to style. If you were born with medium hair, you should say a quiet thank you in the morning for your good fortune as medium hair often offers the best-looking results for the smallest amount of work, and requires far less delicate care or robust styling than some of the other styles. It’s much easier to find the best hair cut for medium hair than the others.

Coarse Hair

Coarse hair is the widest in diameter of all hairs, and usually seems wiry or rough. It is difficult to keep under control, and demands quite a bit of effort if you’re looking to turn it into a smooth, flowing style.

Coarse hair generally looks best with layered styles and bigger length, as shorter crops tend to seem poofy and stacked.

On Thin/Thick Hair

You’ve probably heard the phrase “thick” or “thin” hair before, but it may not mean what you think. Hair thickness isn’t related to the actual size of the hair strand, but to the number of individual hairs in a particular area of your head. Those with thin hair have fewer hairs per square inch than those with thick hair, and the best hair cuts need to be adjusted based on your specific hair thickness.

Don’t worry if this all seems over-complicated or super-intimidating. Dealing with your hair is easy as long as you work with the right stylist and you start with a firm grasp of exactly what type of hair you have. The solutions you have available to you depend entirely on which type of hair you have, and learning to make the most of your individual hair type is the first step in a new, more beautiful you.



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