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Hair Straightening

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Dealing with wavy curly or otherwise unruly hair can be a real pain. Brushing your hair every morning (and every night), working with minor hair catastrophes during the day and attempting to keep everything in order without running to the mirror every ten minutes is almost a job in of itself. This is why millions of women across the globe opt for more permanent solutions for keeping their hair straight and smooth.

Hair straightening is a process that can be completed in the salon or at home. However, salons generally have more advanced hair straightening technologies that are better for long-term fixes, and can follow them with conditioner treatments for health and shine. If you’re unfamiliar with the world of hair straightening, read through this quick guide to learn more. The best beauty salons on earth have been relying on these tools to give hair stylists new ways to impress clients, whether they’re on the market for a simple blow out or a full men hair cut or woman’s hair cut.

There are three basic hair straightening methodologies in the salon world:

Hair Relaxers

Hair relaxers achieve the hair straightening effect through the use of a chemical process. Relaxers break down certain chemicals in your hair in order to discourage the curl and create a silky, smooth look. Relaxers have a long-lasting effect on treated hair, but new growth needs to be retouched in order to keep the hair uniform. This is a very popular method of hair straightening.

Japanese Hair Straightening

Japanese hair straightening techniques requires special irons heated to oven-style temperatures, and the hair straightening results can last up to nine months depending on your specific hair type and level of activity. Japanese hair straightening is best for those without extremely kinky hair.

Brazilian Hair Straightening

Brazilian hair straightening, also known as the Brazilian blow out, uses keratin proteins and the clever application of heat to seal the straightening effect right into the hair. The hair straightening effects earned from Brazilian straightening usually last around three months, but Brazilian hair straightening is generally considered to be an ongoing process more than something that’s “one and done.” Expect to visit the salon frequently if you want to keep you Brazilian blowout in top working order, and expect conditioner treatments to keep your hair strong and healthy. Brazilian Keratin and Keratin treatments make your hair beautiful and soft, and are safe for any hair color processes you may have had (like Balayage or Ombre highlights, for example).

Hair straightening is a complex topic. Figuring out which type of hair straightening is best for you can be a long process that requires detailed talks with your stylists, numerous salon visits and a fair amount of research. However, if you take the time to understand the options that are available to you and make an informed decision, you’ll be ensuring that your hair turns out perfectly and is free from damage (a little conditioner treatment goes a long way).

Remember, your hair straightening routine is entirely up to you—make sure you choose a method with which you are supremely comfortable.

There are big advantages to hair straightening. You have less to deal with in the morning, your hair is more flexible when it comes to styling and cuts, and you’ll generally find that your hair is healthier and happier than it would be curly or kinked. The trade-off is a bit of time in the salon chair, which in the end turns out to be well worth the wait.



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