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One of the most popular new hair treatments in the world of fashion is the blow out. In the last few years, we’ve seen a staggering increase in the number of clients popping into the studio for a simple blow out/blow dry in the hopes of freshening up for a night on the town or a first date. Like pedicures, manicures and the occasional massage, blow outs are a part of many women’s regular body maintenance routine.

If you’re curious about the blow out procedure and what it can do for you, check out this quick guide:

What is a Blow Out?

A blow out is a special method of blow drying hair that begins with a delicate wash and works all the way through the full styling of the hair. Salon blow outs are similar to what you may do at home, except with the assistance of a professional hair stylist skilled in making your hair look its absolute best. A blow out doesn’t take long (usually under and hour), and is an excellent way to freshen up your hair before a social event. Whether you have a normal woman hair cut or a longer men’s hair cut, a blow out from the best hair salon can leave you feeling confident and fresh.

Why Would I need a Blow Out?

You can style your hair at home, to be sure. And the tools for performing a blow out are likely available to you. But having a salon-assisted blow out will give you professional-quality looks just in time for you to hit the club or head out on that date. Think of it in the way you think of a manicure: You can always do you own nails, but it’s nice to occasionally be pampered and have a true professional handle the work on your behalf. Blow outs give you salon-quality looks without the cut and color. Blow outs are safe to get after hair color, Keratin treatment, and other salon hair treatments — blow out salons can give you more information on what’s safest for your hair.

Are Blow Outs Expensive?

Because blow outs are such quick, common procedure, they aren’t generally expensive. You are taking the time of a hair stylist, though, so it should be expected that a fee commensurate with the skill level of the stylist will be assigned. Blow outs are cheaper than a full cut, color and style, but not something that most women will want to pay for more than once every couple of weeks. Top hair stylists in beauty salons around the globe are performing blow outs daily; the cost depends on the schedule of your hairdresser and the quality of the service.

How Often Should I Get a Blow Out?

The great thing about blow outs is that they’re simply a styling of the hair you already have. This means you can get a salon blow out whenever you want—daily, weekly or monthly. It all comes down to how much money you want to spend on your hair and how much time you have to spend in the salon. Generally speaking, it’s nice to grab a quick blow out before an important social event (the company Christmas party, for example) and handle your hair on your own for the more casual events in your life. It’s also a fun way to keep in touch with your hair stylist in between big appointments.

Stopping by the salon for a quick blow out is a great way to boost your personal style and your confidence at the same time. When you know you look your absolute best, it’s easy to head out into the world with a smile on your face and a can –do attitude. Stop in for a blow out today and see how it makes you feel!



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