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Best Hair Cut

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Getting your hair cut is more than a hygiene routine—it’s an expression of your personal style. Your hair is yours to control and command, and finding the best hair cut has as much to do with the way you like to present yourself to the world as it does with your hair type and face shape. Simply put, the best hair cut is the one that makes you feel attractive and accomplishes the goals you want it to accomplish along the way. The best hair salons can help you find a look you love.

So what makes a cut the “best?” We worked up a few simple goals to have when seeking the best hair cut:

Feeling Great

Obviously the most important factor in finding the best hair cut is ensuring that it makes you feel awesome. After the cut, you should look in the mirror and be absolutely stoked on the job the hairdresser did – it’s critical that you leave the salon feeling like you’ve received the best hair cut of your life. This isn’t the easiest thing to accomplish, but when you finally lock down a salon that suits your personal style you’ll feel this feeling every time you head home from a touch-up. The best hair cuts are the ones that infuse you with new confidence. Working with a top hair stylist and a high quality beauty salon is one of the best ways to achieve this result — your hair stylist can help you find looks that give you the feeling you want.


Stop us if you’ve heard this one before: You go to the salon, get what you believe is the best hair cut you’ve ever had, only to wake up the next day and find that your hair is a total mess. You can’t make it look the same way the hairdresser did, and you end up with a style that doesn’t suit you and turns into more of a frustration than a perk. It’s not uncommon, and that’s why we believe the best hair cuts are those that are reproducible by you, at home. You should be able to leave your house with salon-quality style every day when you’ve received the best hair cut possible. Blow outs and blow drys are usually easy to reproduce at home, but some looks are complicated to create without salon hair treatments and the aid of an expert.


Your hair cut says a lot about who you are, beyond your style. It says, “Hey, I’m professional,” or “I’m in a band, dude.” So the best hair cut, in addition to looking great and being easy to reproduce, also helps you to fill the roles in your life you are meant to play. Your hairdresser should have a strong understanding of what your hair needs to accomplish, and a deep experience in creating styles that live up to the expectations of that world. After all, even the world’s greatest Mohawk won’t take you far if you want to be the CEO of a Fortune 500 company. For this reason, it’s best to work with an expert in woman hair cuts or men’s hair cuts (depending on what you need), and to give them lots of details so they can give you the look you want.

Finding the best hair cut for you is as much of a personal journey as it is an exercise in style. You’ll go through several salons, quite a few hairdressers and a couple of crazy phases, but eventually you’ll settle on a general style that helps you move and work effectively in your world while looking your absolute best. Remember: The best hair cut is the one that makes you feel amazing every single morning as you step out the door.



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