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Getting your hair colored is an important process that has a dramatic impact on your overall style. The right color can turn you into a smoldering temptress, while the wrong color can make you look like a washed-out photograph of yourself. There is no overestimating the value of seeing the best hair colorist when the time comes for a color refresher—the results usually speak for themselves.

But how do you identify the best hair colorist? Here is a quick guide to finding the colorist of your dreams, and the hair color to match.

Match Your Personality

As with any other personal service, there is no one “best” hair colorist. You’ll need to find someone that suits your personality and your style tastes. The best hair colorist at that punky indie salon might not be the choice for you if you’re looking for something a little more professional, and the high-end colorist employed by the city’s hottest salon might not be the right choice for someone with more casual tastes. Call around and get an idea of how each salon feels before committing. There’s no such thing as the one best hair salon, only the beauty salon that best fits your hair color needs and promises to give you a hair stylist that you enjoy and trust.

Look at the Experience

The best hair colorists will almost always have a hair color portfolio. Browsing through the portfolio or website of your chosen stylist will let you see the type of work he or she has done before, which in turn allows you to imagine yourself in their chair. In order to be considered among the best hair colorists, stylists need a long list of satisfied clients and a demonstrated track record of stellar results. Don’t settle for less when it comes to your hair! Top hair stylists have reputations for a reason; check out all nearby blow out salons for info on who gives the best woman hair cuts or men hair cuts and see if you can talk to their hairdresser or stylist for further information.

Consider the Cost

Nowadays, the price of a given service is more important than ever. With fewer dollars to spread around, you may find your quest for the best hair colorist slightly hampered by your budget. But don’t worry! There are stellar stylists out there working for decent rates; you just have to work to find them. Use resources like Yelp and Google Places to view overall ratings of different salons and their stylists, along with price data that will help you to make your decision. Remember: It’s not the cheapest price that makes the best hair colorist, but the most impressive work at the most workable price. Reading about other clients’ hair color experiences will go a long way.

Give it a Shot

Hair grows out, styles change and hair color fades. And, more than likely, even a not-so-great color session won’t give you awful results that make you want to shave your head. So when you think you’ve finally found the best hair colorist, schedule an appointment and see what happens. You won’t know if your hair colorist is the best unless you provide him or her with an opportunity to do the work, so be ready to take a chance on someone new. And don’t forget to ask about cool new treatments like Brazilian keratin and Balayage while you’re there!

Finding the best hair colorist for your personal style can be an arduous task that requires hours of work and just a bit of trial and error. But, as with most things, once you’ve done the legwork and found the person that’s perfect for you, you’ll have years of excellent hair styles to look forward to. The best hair colorist will stick with you over the years, and will likely become a trusted confidant along the way.



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