Our 5 Favorite Hair Trends To Watch For This Fall

As you start to pull out your favorite flannels, knee-high boots and plaid scarves for the fall, you may also want to consider updating more than just your wardrobe. If you’re tired of your summer locks, check out our five favorite hair trends that will be making an appearance this fall in this blog post.

If any of these hairstyles catch your eye, don’t hesitate to reach out to our talented team of hair stylists at YGallery Salon in Manhattan. We can help you determine a hair design that best suits your lifestyle and budget. Schedule a consultation today.

1. Shoulder-Length Lobs.

One of the more popular cuts right now is a long bob, which is essentially a shoulder-length cut seen on celebrities like Victoria Beckham and Anine Bing. It’s sexy, sophisticated, easy-to-style and won’t get tangled up in big, cozy fall scarves (like we know long locks do).

You can work with our hair stylists to customize the look to perfectly frame your face shape.

2. Baby Bangs.

Even though The Fifth Element came out in 1997, Leeloo’s baby bangs are gaining popularity in the hair fashion world of 2018.

This badass haircut looks best on long, oval faces, and this extra-short, choppy style is best for the fashion-forward — no matter your hair’s overall length or texture.

3. The Shag.

Both new and blunt “shag” hairstyles are in this fall, and they are both totally nostalgic of the 1970s fashion era.

A blunt shag cut focuses on texture and is usually cut right above your chin line. A new shag cut is usually longer than shoulder length (mid-length), and this cut also embraces natural texture, allowing for easy everyday styling.

4. Natural, Wash-And-Wear Layers.

OK, we’ll admit it: A long, luxurious mane is a timeless look that will never go out of style. Fortunately, a popular style these days is to have a natural, wash-and-wear kind of look, which is both easy on your hair and voluminous.

We suggest adding long layers for a more dimensional look and to keep your hair from falling boring and flat. If you need some assistance with length, we offer amazing hair extension services at our Manhattan hair salon.

5. Long Pixie.

Super short pixies were in last fall, so if you’ve forgotten to maintain that cut, you’re in luck. Long, grown-out pixies are an edgy new look that gives you more hair length to play with when it comes to everyday styling.

Whether your hair is naturally straight, wavy or curly, this look is lenient for a variety of face frames and hair textures.  

Choose Our Manhattan Hair Stylists For Your #HairGoals

If you have a hairstyle in mind that you want to try that is listed above (or not), we suggest bringing in multiple photos that highlight the exact hairstyle you desire. This not only makes it easier on our hair stylists, but it ensures you’ll leave our salon with hair that will boost your confidence so you can proudly flood your Instagram feed with shameless selfies.

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