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Fashion is always changing, and the hairstyles that go along with fashion certainly don’t sit stagnant. In fact, hair trends often move even faster than clothing trends, which can sometimes make it difficult for your average consumer to keep up with what’s hot and what’s not. For instance, did you know that more and more celebrities and A-list fashionistas are opting for Ombre highlights instead of traditional sun-kissed looks?

If you’re unfamiliar with Ombre highlights and what they can do for your hair, here’s a quick primer that should cover everything you need to know:

What are Ombre Highlights?

Perhaps the best place to start the Ombre highlights discussion is by explaining how, exactly, they differ from traditional hair coloring highlights. Ombre highlights, instead of accenting individual strands of hair (or groups), give your hair the appearance of shifting in color from top to bottom. The normal effect is for your hair to start out slightly darker near the top, then grow lighter as the length increases. Talented talented hair colorists working with a hairdresser have been creating this look at highlights salons across the country, providing incredible hair color options to customers for years.

Most Ombre highlights are applied to hair that’s already relatively light, going from blonde to even blonder. However, it’s not uncommon to see those with dark hair embracing the Ombre highlights look, assuming the highlights are applied in a professional manner. The best hair colorists can create this effect, following it with a simple blow out or blow dry for a little touch of style.

What are the Risks of Ombre Highlights?

Just as with any other major hair procedure, there is a certain risk undertaken when you opt for Ombre highlights. The most obvious, of course, is that your hair ends up looking like it’s growing out from an awful dye job. This is one reason it’s highly advisable to stick with a top hair stylist for your Ombre highlights, since the consequences of a bad application are far more noticeable than with traditional highlights. Don’t just go to the closest blow out salon and hope for the best!

The other major complication with Ombre highlights is that they’re slightly more difficult to revert. Because the transition is so subtly executed, it takes a true professional at a beauty salon to change your hair back from Ombre highlights to a more traditional look. Make sure you’ve spoken with your hair stylist about all the possible options before you proceed—you’ll want to have as much information as you can so you don’t risk hitting a tough situation later on down the styling line.

What Styles Work with Ombre Highlights?

Pretty much any hairstyle works with Ombre highlights, assuming the hair is of medium to long length. Shorter hairstyles can pull off the Ombre highlights look, but it’s a much more complex task and requires a daring woman haircut and the confidence to wear it. Whether it’s Ombre, Balayage, or any other hair color, it’s all about your confidence to wear it.

Ombre highlights tend to look best with rough, flowy looks. Super-straight styles can accent the highlights too much, and the general goal is finding that “just in from the summer” look. Wavy, slightly mussed styles are a natural fit for the Ombre highlights look, and those with naturally wavy hair should absolutely consider them.

Ombre highlights aren’t exactly a new thing—they’ve been around for years. But it’s only lately that they’ve started to make serious inroads into the fashion community and into top hair salons in New York, like at Soho Hair. If you want to look your best and be on the cutting edge of hair, it’s pretty hard to miss with Ombre highlights.

Just make sure you work with a killer stylist!



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