Men’s Trend

Women don’t have all the fun when it comes to trying out new hair styles. For the upcoming season, men’s hair fashion takes its cues from what’s been working and playing off of that, with the occasional, odd nod to decades long past. Its fun and playful and the hair stylists at YGallery Salon couldn’t be happier to help our male clients navigate the new hair trends.

In fashion, what’s old is destined to become new again. We’re particularly pleased to play with the 1960s-inspired side part for that über retro effect, which mixes laid-back cool with high-class charm. The best part is that this hairstyle can work—with the right hair stylist—if your hair is thick or thin.

Beards aren’t going anywhere in 2015. If anything, facial hair is being cranked up and experimented with on the runways, evidenced in the big n’ bushy to the slim, upper lip hairline moustache. Full facial hair is also a great contradictory compliment to another men’s hair style trend that is an extension of last season: the close cropped sides. When the sides are shorn short, you can play with a variety of lengths on top, from the sky-high hipster look of David Beckham to Ryan Gosling’s more manicured, gelled style that you know all the ladies be lovin’.

Those looking to lower their hair maintenance this year will also be pleased to know that long men’s hair has also returned to the runway. Think Brad Pitt’s Chanel commercial: the long hair look for men is best kept right above the shoulders, and gently tousled with the right product (which your YGallery hair stylist will help you find, according to your hair type). Stop above the shoulders, though, guys. The aim is to look like Brad Pitt circa 2014, not circa Legends of the Fall.

And lastly, men looking to really showcase their grasp on edgy men’s trends will make an appointment to go platinum. A casual, but structured hair cut, like sideswept bangs, makes this 2014 women’s trend the hottest new 2015 trend for men. Get on it, guys!


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