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Keratin treatment is an amazing new styling trend that allows even those with frizzy, curly, messy mop-tops to experience the joy of straight, smooth and silky hair. Using proteins naturally occurring in your own hair and nails, hairstylists have developed an incredible method for infusing your hair with protein via keratin treatment, which in turn allows it to live up to its beautiful potential. Think of it like a relaxer, but with less muss, fuss and pain.

There’s a lot to learn if you’re new to the world of keratin treatment. But taking the time to understand this cutting-edge salon hair treatment could be the thing that takes your morning style sessions from “Ow!” to “Wow!” Even men’s hair cuts have been looking to Keratin treatment for help — it’s not just for woman hair cuts anymore!

Types of Keratin Treatment

There are several varieties of keratin treatment you can chose from at a beauty salon, depending on what you’re looking for in terms of cost, manageability and chemical content. Here’s a quick rundown:

Brazilian Blow Out

The Brazilian blow out is a specific method of applying keratin treatments that can repair damaged hair and handle frizzy, messy locks. The downside is that this keratin treatment doesn’t last as long as others, but the upside is that it doesn’t come with the same three-day waiting periods for washing your hair. Generally speaking, a Brazilian blow out is a little easier on your hair, and uses special Brazilian keratin. You’ll find this service offered by many hair stylists at the best hair salons in the world, backed by a strong staff of hair colorists and hairdressers.

Keratin Complex

This is the primary form of keratin treatment offered by salons. Mixing keratin protein and an intricate application process, this keratin treatment leaves your hair looking incredibly silky and smooth. This particular keratin treatment does have a 72-hour waiting period on washing your hair, but once that period is over you can style and wash your hair as normal (use gentle products). Keratin complex can handle a blow out or blow dry, and is best applied after hair color.

Chocolate Keratin

Chocolate keratin treatment uses a cacao extract to dampen the chemical process and will give your hair a slightly chocolaty fragrance, in addition to adding shine and silkiness to your hair. A great choice for frizzy, difficult locks.

Strawberry Keratin

Similar to Chocolate keratin, but with a strawberry mix and scent. Once again, this is an excellent option for frizzy hair; however, strawberry keratin treatment is not recommended for curly hair or hair that has been damaged by another process.


Can I Apply Keratin Treatments at Home?

Home keratin treatment products do exist, and they will absolutely make your hair more smooth and attractive. Unfortunately, the application process can be complex (and is easy to mess up), and home keratin treatments usually leave your hair to revert to its natural state just a few days after completion. It’s nice for a temporary boost, but not effective for long-term fixes. If you’re struggling to get that Soho hair look and thing you can skip the beauty salon, you may be in for a surprise. The best hair cuts in the world come from stylists adept in their trade.

The best way to get a keratin treatment, as with most big hair operations, is through a qualified and talented top hair stylist. Think of home keratin treatment products the same way you’d think of home coloring products: They’ll get the job done if you’re willing to suffer through the process and risk messing it up, but the end results will rarely be as attractive as if you had just gotten a salon hair treatment and will likely need to be re-done sooner.

Keratin treatment can transform your hair into the luscious locks you’ve always wanted. And if you go through the process with a well-trained hairdresser, you’re sure to get stunning results that will last for months. If you’re looking for amazing hair and are sick of frizz, there’s no better method than a keratin treatment.




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