Introducing: The Keratin Infusion Refresher!

By now, the miracle of keratin treatments is well known. Millions of us have fallen in love with the smooth, glossy look and feel of our hair after a keratin treatment.

What we’re less in love with is the price of a keratin treatment—that pesky, 72-hour, “no-touch” rule—or the possible damage that can be caused by the requisite high temperature flat iron that’s needed to seal in the keratin.

Enter: the new Keratin Infusion Refresher, the new, unique product developed by—and available only at—YGallery Salon | SoHo.

The Keratin Infusion Refresher is a spray-on product applied by your favorite YStylist, and left for half an hour before a blow-dry seals the deal. It works by attaching the keratin protein to your hair follicles, rounding out cracks and gaps in dry or damaged hair, and increasing your hair’s strength and health. And, unlike a traditional keratin treatment, which forbids you from washing, bending, or even touching your hair for the first 72 hours, a Keratin Infusion Refresher is so light and fast-acting, you can wash your hair after just 24 hours of its application.

Keratin Infusion Refreshers are great for anyone looking for smoother and shinier hair. If you’ve recently had a traditional keratin treatment, the Refresher will extend the life of your treatment for up to six weeks.

Smoother, shinier, happier hair, at a fraction of the time and cost? Yes, please!


YGallery Salon Soho