How To Tip Your Hairstylist

It’s an awkward situation we’ve all encountered at one point or another. You strut to the counter at your hair salon with your new lavish locks perfectly styled after some serious work done by your hairstylist, and as you pull out your wallet, you’re unsure if you should tip or not. And when you do realize you should tip, you’re confused at what exactly the proper amount is that won’t offend your stylist? I mean, the last thing you want to do is offend the person who takes scissors and coloring products to your hair.

But don’t worry — you’re not alone in hair tipping anxiety. We’re here to alleviate any of that anxiety in this blog post, where we’ll break down exactly how much you should be tipping and how to determine how much you should tip given the beautifying services you receive from your stylist.

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A General, Go-To Rule

As with most beauty-related (and food-related) services you receive, it’s a safe bet to tip about 20 percent on the overall cost of the services you receive. According to a recent informal poll conducted by Aveda, customers admitted to tipping as high as 25 percent and as low as 10 percent. In big cities like Manhattan, apparently, people feel even more generous than that, according to the poll.

Of course, 20 percent is a great go-to base amount, but take into consideration other factors of the appointment. Do you have a toddler running around the hair salon like it’s their own personal playground? You should probably tip more. Did you run late or did the hair salon squeeze you into their schedule at the very last minute? You should probably tip more. You can also plan to tip more if the hair service also comes with a massage.

Simply put: Always tip 20 percent, but a general rule of thumb is to add more to that amount if you’ve been given top-notch, accommodating services.

What If My Stylist Has An Assistant/Shampooist?

More often than not, if your hairstylist has an assistant or shampooist, you might think they automatically share some of the tip amount that you give to that person — sort of similar to how a server tips out their bussers in a restaurant. Throw that thought out the window, and always tip individually.

We recommend giving anywhere between $3 to $20 to the assistant or shampooist separately, depending on how much work they actually contributed to making your hair look fabulous. Be fair with this amount. You can either give this directly to them, or you can leave it at the front counter with the receptionist to give to them at a later time.

What If The Owner Of The Salon Does My Hair?

You might think that if the owner of the hair salon is the one who tackles your mane, you don’t have to leave a tip. But in reality, that rule is pretty outdated and doesn’t really apply anymore.

Go ahead. Tip that wonderful hair salon owner as you would a hairstylist.

Try To Tip In Cash, If Possible

If possible, bring cash. Cash is a great way to leave a tip, as it immediately is put into the hands (or should we say pockets?) of your hairstylist.

Also, keep in mind that not all credit card machines have a tipping option, and sometimes, a percentage of your tip will be taxed with the overall cost of the service. Cash ensures your hairstylist is getting the entire tip.

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