How To Find A Hair Stylist You’ll Trust and Love

Finding a hairstylist you can trust is kind of like finding the perfect man in New York — it’s way too hard, but when you do finally find them, it’s like finding a unicorn in a sea of donkeys. And actually (ahem), let’s be honest: finding a hairstylist you love is way more important than any match Bumble sends your way. No man (or woman for that matter) will ever compare to the way your hair perfectly falls after a skilled stylist gets their hands and high-quality products on it. Ahhhh.

Luckily, our hair stylists at YGallery Salon are your unicorns in a sea of donkeys. We are one of the most trusted and well-known hair salons in Manhattan/SoHo, New York, and our hair stylists are some of the best this state has to offer. Our hair salon services include men’s and women’s haircuts, hair treatments, specialty hair coloring (hello balayage), and more. Schedule an appointment at our hair salon in Manhattan today!

Below, we’ve listed a few tips on how to find a hairstylist you’ll trust and love at the array of hair salons in Manhattan.

Consult your friends, family and co-workers.

Who better to trust for hairstylist recommendations than the people you trust most? We suggest reaching out to your close social circle for any tips on where to go — or where not to go for that matter.

Do you have a friend whose hair looks like it was literally touched by a hair goddess every day? Have any of your family members been seeing the same stylist for years? Is there a co-worker whose hair you’d turn into a wig for yourself if you could?

A lot of these are great signs these people have found their perfect hair soulmate. Ask around and see if these stylists are individuals who won’t only provide you with a beautiful result, but will also be fun to be around for sometimes hours at a time.

Utilize social media sources.

Social media has been a #blessing for hairstylists and hair salons in Manhattan since it’s made it easy for us to boast our artwork and finished masterpieces in a way that will be widely consumed — at least when we use the right hashtags. Don’t only use Facebook and Instagram to post pictures of your brunch or nightly adventures in the city, but also use it to look up any finished projects of the hairstylists you’re interested in.

You can search staff bios on the websites of hair salons in Manhattan, and Insta-stalk any of the stylists’ professional social media sites to see if they can give you the hair of your dreams.

You can also read review sites such as Google and Yelp for more in-depth information about the hair salon’s services and overall customer feedback.

Ask for a consultation before you commit.

Most salons will give you the option to come in for a consultation before you commit to a full-on appointment. Take advantage of these consultations, as they provide the perfect opportunity to not only meet your stylist but also for you to get a feel for the hair salon and the clients that come in.

This consultation will also give your stylist the opportunity to share their knowledge, see the type of mane they’re going to be working with first-hand, and provide you with honest feedback about the hairstyle/color/cut you’re interested in. Let’s be honest — there’s a reason we trust roofers with our roof and car technicians with our cars. Why not trust the opinion and feedback of our hairstylists with our hair, too?

Find A Stylist You’ll Love At Our Hair Salon in Manhattan

Now, not to toot our own horn (*toot toot*), but we’re going to be real with you: our hair stylists at our hair salon in Manhattan are some of the best you’ll get in the city. Not only are they high-quality hairstylists who are phenomenal at their jobs, but they’re also high-quality humans that form in-depth and meaningful relationships with all of our clients. You won’t get bored sitting in any of our chairs — that’s a dang fact.

If you’re currently searching for a new hairstylist, give any stylist on our team at YGallery Salon a try. You can schedule an appointment with our experienced stylists by calling us today at (212) 680-0117 or, for you tech-savvy types, by booking an appointment online. We look forward to hearing from you!


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