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There’s no shortage of hair products on the market promising “salon quality” results at a fraction of the cost and double the convenience. The highlights arena has become especially competitive, as salon colorist experts and home beauty product creators work against one another to convince the buying populace which option is best for them—and for their hair. Highlights salons have the reputation, but home-based products have convenience.

So what, exactly, is the truth? Is it really better to get your highlights in a salon, or are you smart for staying at home?

As it turns out, it all depends on what you want.

Differences Between Highlight Salons and Highlights at Home

When trying to figure out which solution is best for you, it’s important to understand the fundamental differences between home highlights and a salon hair treatment. The big benefit, of course, to doing highlights at home is the cost: Professional highlight salons can run your hundreds of dollars, while home highlights are much nicer on the pocketbook. Skipping the search for the best hair colorist or best hair salon also saves you some time — tracking down the top hair stylists in your area can certainly take time.

However, the lower cost comes with a couple of serious risks: For starters, it’s easy to mess up a home highlight job. And once your hair is messed up, it’s much harder (even for a seasoned and talented highlights salon staffer) to repair the damage. You’re basically taking your hair into your own hands and hoping everything works out—if it doesn’t, plan to spend even more money than you theoretically saved when you have to pay a professional stylist to fix what you broke. You could ruin the best hair cut of your life with a sloppy highlights job.

There’s also the overall quality to consider. Highlights salons are adept at creating that sun-kissed highlight look, and if you visit a highlights salon you can be sure you’ll be getting the absolute best look for your dollars. Additionally, highlights salons back their work—if things turn out badly, you’ll have a stylist to turn to with a vested interest in getting everything the way you want it. Remember, your hairdresser and hair stylist are on your side — they want to make sure you have the hottest woman hair cut or men’s hair cut on the street.

Who Likes Highlights?

Any woman looking to freshen up her look can benefit from subtle highlights. Highlights add depth to your hair and give it the appearance of volume, while contributing contrast to help your hairstyles stand out. Your highlights don’t have to be exceptionally noticeable; in fact, some of the most attractive highlighted hairstyles, like Ombre highlights, are those that look like they’ve barely been touched. Highlights salons can help you find the best possible style for your hair type.

Even if your hair is already blond, highlights can go a long way toward giving you that luscious, beautiful look you’re so used to seeing in hair product commercials and on television. Lightening parts of the hair just a touch can have an immeasurable impact on the overall appearance of your do. Everyone’s hair is different, and there’s always something a highlights salon can accomplish in order to improve the look.

Remember, when it comes to choosing between a beauty salon and doing things at home, budget shouldn’t be the only determining factor. You’ll also need to consider your personal skill level, your chances of success, and the overall result you’re hoping to accomplish. If you’re not 100% confident that you can pull of the look you want, it’s probably best to work directly with a professional highlights salon and a hairdresser and save yourself the eventually heartbreak. Whether it’s a fancy Soho salon promising the Soho hair look or your local blow out salon, finding a colorist to help is always a good first step.




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