Hair Health Tip of the Week

Whether you’re looking to maintain your short crop or grow your tresses to luscious lengths, you should trim your hair every 6 weeks, on average. A regular trim not only keeps your locks from splitting at the ends (ew!), but it prevents other damage and breakage that can occur with everyday styling.

Look at the science of it: most hair grows about ½ inch a month. So if you trimmed ¼ inch at your six week appointment, you’re still gaining length. If you want to keep it at its current short length, you can go further with your trim.  But, if you forgo your six-week trim, the ends can split even further, which then means your loving hairstylist will have to lop off more than ¼ inch, resulting in a more noticeable change to your hairstyle and look.

If you chemically treat your hair, or if your hair’s naturally dry and damage-prone, it may be better to schedule your trim once a month.

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