Hair Extension in NYC

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Hair Extension in NYC
Ask any female celebrity about the secret to their hair success and you’ll likely receive the same answer no matter who you talk to: Hair extensions. Thanks to advances in hair technology and a few cunning top hair stylist professionals pushing the niche forward, hair extensions have become a go-to solution for women looking to quickly and noticeably change their hairstyle.
It doesn’t matter if you’re talking hair extension in L.A. or hair extension in NYC, there’s no doubt that well-set extensions can have a dramatic impact on your personal style. It’s all about finding the right hair stylist and the best hair salon possible.
Here’s what you need to know:

$99 splash of color extension for spring!

based on consultation.

Who Needs Hair Extensions in NYC?
There are a lot of preconceived notions about what types of women need or choose to use hair extensions. However, there’s really no set “bracket” of women—pretty much anyone can benefit from hair extensions. For instance, you may not want your hair to be longer, but may appreciate a bit of extra volume—extensions can provide just such a boost. Extensions are tough — they can stand up to hair color, Keratin treatments,blow outs, blow drying, and anything your salon colorist can throw at them. Because they’re real hair, they enable you to get your best hair cut ever.
That’s not all, of course. There’s an incredible number of reasons women are turning to hair extensions in NYC. Brides use them for perfect wedding day hair, students use them for a fresh kick of color, professional women use them for reliable, attractive styles and stay-at-home moms rely on them for simple hair solutions on a short time budget. To get hair extensions at a hair salon is effectively the quickest and easiest way to dramatically change your style overnight.
Extensions also offer a hidden bonus: They can be styled right along with your hair, making them a flexible solution for nearly any desired hairstyle.
Which Hair Extension is Right for Me?
There are four basic types of hair extension, each one with its own specific benefits and drawbacks. If you’re currently considering to get hair extensions in NYC but aren’t sure where to start, it’s probably a good idea to familiarize yourself with the options before you head into the salon. Different beauty salons have different approaches;Soho salons may not be the same as Midtown salons, if that makes sense.
Platinum Seamless Extensions
Platinum Seamless hair extensions are certified by the Platinum Seamless company, and are widely considered the highest quality extensions available. Hairdresser at salons cannot apply Platinum Seamless extensions without extensive training from the company, and must be certified to provide services in order to continue offering its products to customers. These extensions use a trademarked InterSeal attachment system and real human hair. Only the top hair stylists offer this service.
SoCap Hair Extension
SoCap hair extensions are made in Italy and made from “European-type” human hair. They, like Platinum Seamless, are considered to be at the higher end of the market. There is no specific certification for these extensions and many hair salons in New York offering hair extensions are capable of applying them. Generally speaking SoCap produces excellent quality products and are a good choice for long-term extensions.
Weave Hair Extension
With a weave extension, the extension hair is attached to the existing hair through an intricate weaving process. This is a considerable effort and can take several hours, and demands a very skilled top hair stylist if the work is to be successful. Quality is an issue here, as there are a variety of different types of products for this specific method of extension application. Always talk to your stylist about the best possible option.
Clip-On Extensions
Clip-on extensions fall at the lower end of the price and quality spectrum, but are not to be overlooked. It’s true that clip-on extensions are generally cheaper and less convincing, but they are a perfect solution for anyone looking for a “one-night” option to temporarily spice up their hairstyle.
The success of any hair extension application depends entirely on the stylist. No matter which solution you end up using, always work with a hairdresser who has an established history of stunning results. Your hair will thank you.
Natural Length Hair Extension / Seamless Adhesive Weft Extensions
Our natural hair length is 100% human hair remy hair from India and Europe. we use a new technology to sew the hair and double it to prevent hair from shedding. the hair cuticle is intact and hair is placed in the same direction to get fabulous results. our products are none damaging and safe to apply and wear. this method provides the best and the easiest way to increase the hair length, volume and dimensional color in one hour or less.
Hair Additions/ Hair Extensions are worn to enhance hair to give thickness, length, volume and can also help grow out shorter or damaged hair. Hair extensions can also be added for a pop of color and a or highlights. There are different types of hair extensions/hair additions and good quality hair is important for your look and manageability.
  • Strand by Strand (Keratin-Tipped or Fusion) are small individual sections with keratin tips added to your hair.
  • Micro-Links or Micro-Beads are add as well in individual sections to your hair with a bead and can be used with wefted hair too.
  • Weave or Sew-ins are wefted hair that is sewn to a small base or braid or attached to a bead.
  • Clip-ins are wefted hair that are attached on with pre-attached clips, these are taken off daily.
  • Tape-on (Skin-Wefts & Invisible Tape-Ons) are hair extensions that are added on to your hair in small 1/2″ to 2″ sections that are sandwiched together.
  • Wigs and Mono-Tops can be attached and are custome cut to fit your face.
No matter what type of hair addition or hair extensions a consultation is always required and necessary to get your desired look.



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