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Basic Maintenance and Hair Care

[toggle title=”How can I maintain a fabulous haircut throughout the year?”]
• Schedule regular trims with your hairstylist at a minimum of four times a year, and upwards of every six weeks.
• Make scheduling appointments easy on yourself by seizing rebook offers and schedule your next visit before you leave the salon.
• Consult with your hairstylist to determine the perfect products for your unique hair type.
• Apply conditioner to your hair follicles, not on your roots, to avoid flattening your hairstyle.
• Avoid damage and breakage of your hair and refrain from tying it in a ponytail when it is wet.

[toggle title=”How can I maintain my hair color?”]

Highlights should be maintained by your stylist every 8-12 weeks, depending on your hair. Single process color should be maintained every 4-6 weeks, to avoid the look of grown in roots.

Its important, also, to use only color-safe hair products, such as toning shampoos.

Talk to your hairstylist about which products work best for you to maintain optimum results for the maximum amount of time.


Haircare Products and Services

[toggle title=”What is permanent color?”]
Permanent color changes the natural pigment of the hair. It is long lasting and effectively covers grey hair.

[toggle title=”What is demi-permanent color?”]
Demi-permanent color adds vibrant pigment tones and adds an extreme shine to your hair. It lasts approximately six to eight weeks, and has a much lower ammonia content than permanent color. Rather than changing the color of your grey hair, it blends into grey hair for a less dramatic look.

[toggle title=”What is a gloss treatment?”]
Clear shine gloss is actually a clear, colorless demi-permanent process (like demi-permanent color without the pigment) that adds incredible softness and vibrancy to the hair. It works by filling in any damaged parts on the hair shaft and seals your hair’s outer layer, making it smoother. Like all demi-permanent processes, it lasts about six to eight weeks and has a very low ammonia content.

Gloss treatment will not brighten up dull colored hair; a toner, however, can bring out the warm tones already present in your hair color.

[toggle title=”What is toner?”]
Toner can be used to slightly alter the hue or pigment of color-treated hair. Mostly used to tone down highlights, toner works like a clear shine gloss to add softness and vibrancy to your hair. Called “semi-color”, it is a very light process for your hair, less potent than permanent color and even demi-permanent color.

[toggle title=”What are highlights?”]
Highlights are strategically selected strands of hair dyed with a permanent color or high lift tint, through the use of foils, to give your whole hairstyle a multidimensional color. “Partial” highlights means these strategic strands cover the quarter section on top of your head only; “halfhead” of highlights includes the top quarter section and the sides of the head; a “full head” of highlights gives you these light-catching streams of color throughout your entire head.

[toggle title=”What are lowlights?”]
Lowlights are darker shades of color that are strategically placed, with foils, within your hair. Lowlights are used when hair has been overly lightened or highlighted too often. Lowlights help bring back a very natural look to your hair, and also work to mask grown-in roots.

[toggle title=”What is single process?”]
“Single process” refers to any color result that can be achieved in one color formulation and application.

[toggle title=”What is a keratin treatment?”]
A keratin treatment—sometimes referred to as a Brazilian Blowout (which is a particular company)—combines synthetically produced keratin (a protein naturally found in hair) with varying levels of formaldehyde, which helps to keep the keratin molecules together. Immediately following the treatment, your hair will be pin straight and heavenly soft and shiny. How straight your hair will remain will depend entirely on a few factors: your type of hair, the brand of keratin treatment, and your diligence with after care.

Y Gallery Salon’s keratin treatment is a safe, effective blend of 1.8%-3% formaldehyde. Plus, unlike most other salons, Y Gallery Salon has a specialized room with a state-of-the-art ventilation system, so that nobody—not our clients, and not our stylists—are subject to the noxious odors of any chemical treatment.

For more information about keratin treatments, read Keratin Truths in our Y Blog.

[toggle title=”What’s the difference between a chemical relaxer and a keratin treatment?”]
A keratin treatment is simply synethically produced keratin (a naturally-occurring protein found in your hair) with formaldehyde, which acts as a sealing agent. It is not permanent and does not alter the structure of your hair’s follicle or cuticle.

Chemical relaxers are, by contrast, a permanent straightening service that chemically changes the bond and texture of your hair.

[toggle title=”How soon after a keratin treatment can I color my hair?”]
Ideally, you will color your hair– with either single process or highlights– immediately prior to your keratin treatment. This is because the sealing agent used in keratin treatments will also help to seal in the color.

[toggle title=”What can I expect from a keratin treatment?”]
Immediately following a keratin treatment, your hair will be pin straight and sumptuously soft and shiny. How straight your hair will remain will depend entirely on a few factors, specifically your type of hair and your diligence with after care.

For even the curliest, kinkiest, wildest locks, a keratin treatment will relax your hair in unprecedented ways, removing all the frizz factor and leaving you with soft, wavy and silky hair. A blow dry that used to take you an hour will now only take you 20 minutes or so, and, even more magically, it won’t frizz back out in the rain.

Remember, a keratin treatment only lasts for about two, to two and a half months, with its effects slowly wearing away. Consider scheduling your maintenance appointments every ten to twelve weeks, so you don’t have to worry about it.

For more information on keratin treatments and Y Gallery Salon’s specific keratin services, see
Keratin Truths in our Y Blog.

[toggle title=”What is a 24 hour keratin treatment?”]
Generally recommended for individuals with fine hair, the “24 hour keratin treatment” uses a much lower percentage of formaldehyde (1.9%) than other keratin treatments. Whereas it is important to refrain from washing your hair 48-72 hours after a “regular” keratin treatment, it is perfectly ok to shampoo your hair after just 24 hours with this lighter version.

[toggle title=”What’s a Keratin Infusion Refresher?”]
The Keratin Infusion Refresher is a spray-on product applied by your favorite YStylist, and left for half an hour before a blow-dry (not a super high temperature flat iron) seals the deal. Also unlike a traditional keratin treatment, which forbids you from washing, bending, or even touching your hair for the first 72 hours, a Keratin Infusion Refresher is so light and fast-acting, you can wash your hair after just 24 hours of its application. Keratin Infusion Refreshers are great for anyone looking for smoother and shinier hair. If you’ve recently had a traditional keratin treatment, the Refresher will extend the life of your treatment for up to six weeks.

Hair Color Dilemmas and Techniques

[toggle title=”My hair is dull colored, but I don’t want a totally different color or a lengthy process. What to do?”]
A few highlights in various shades can enrich the dullest, mousiest looking hair. Or, we could add lots of highlights in one, bright color in a tone that is complementary to your skin.

Alternatively, if you’re wary of highlights, an easy gloss treatment will help bring out the shine and warm tones already in your hair.

[toggle title=”My hair color is too dark, but I don’t want to be blond. What other choices do I have?”]
There are a range of warm, bright, fresh colors that we could add to your hair’s look through partial, halfhead or full head highlights. From creamy caramels and honey golds to auburn shines and vibrant strawberry, you can stay a brunette and simply brighten up your tresses for a subtle update to your look.



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