CUT TOGETHER, a group exhibition brought together a diverse crowd opening night at YGallery Salon in Soho. With a piano & vocal performance by SuzyMae Howard, a stylish crowd turned up to check out the well-curated exhibition mainly consisting of collages. Pieces by Brennan Cavanagh showed a dynamic worldview made exclusively in New York. His works, “each constructed strictly from a single day’s issue of The New York Times,” have a fascinating political slant as well as a highly evolved aesthetic. Cavanaugh shows limited edition inkjet prints as well as original collages.

On display through April 30 at YGallery Salon where co-creators Yaniv Levy & Yoni Kreger articulate their expert visions by cutting shape, proportion as well as intense or subtle color. Utilizing the space for art exhibitions was a natural progression, Yaniv says, “I nurture the artists within my hairstylist staff, and naturally artists were responding to the space and the amazing possibilities of being in Soho every day.” With their efforts keeping downtown Art & Culture alive, who needs Brooklyn?


YGallery Salon Soho