Breathe Easy Brazilians

When Brazilian blow-outs blew up two years ago, every hair salon in the city was offering it. New Yorkers couldn’t get enough of this chemical treatment, which left them with hair shinier, smoother and healthier looking than they ever knew possible.

By now you’ve heard that Brazilian blow-outs require some pretty serious chemicals. These chemicals are particularly noxious for the stylists, who are directly inhaling them all day throughout several treatments. So, as you might have noticed, a lot of salons simply stopped offering this high-demand service. Or they’ve jacked up the prices to where its almost unaffordable (as if the health of their stylists—and yours—is worth another hundred or two hundred bucks!)

Y Gallery Salon, however, has a special, luxurious room designed for complex treatments like Brazilian blow-outs. Its decked out with state-of-the-art ventilation systems so that nobody—not our clients, and not our stylists—are subject to the noxious odors of any chemical treatment.

At Y Gallery Salon, we believe that your salon experience should be a total relaxation vacation. Your senses should be indulged, not accosted. Sit back, sip some wine and breathe easy with a Brazilian blow-out from one of our specialists.

And if beauty and breath weren’t enough to entice you to try a Brazilian with us, we’re offering 40% off for first-time clients.

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And for those of you who have already had your locks smoothed and polished by a Y Gallery Brazilian, let us know what you think!


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