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Brazilian Keratin

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One of the hottest (and most effective) natural hair treatments in the style industry is Brazilian keratin. Women all across the globe, of all hair types, have found that a well-executed Brazilian keratin treatment done from a hair stylist can take their hair from frizzy mess to silky and smooth in just a few hours, and Brazilian keratin provides a long-lasting effect that helps styles maintain their look throughout long nights out or punishing workdays.

So what, exactly, is the deal with Brazilian keratin? Is it as amazing as everyone says, or is it just a fad? Read on for more information.

Brazilian Keratin Basics

Brazilian keratin is a protein that grows naturally in the hair, fingernails and skin. When mixed with Formaldehyde (in the right ratio), Brazilian keratin becomes a workable and functional solution that can be used to strengthen hair and improve its overall health. It’s also worth noting that not all Brazilian keratin solutions contain Formaldehyde, so be sure to talk to a variety of stylists to find someone using a formula with which you are comfortable. Formaldehyde-free keratin treatments are quickly becoming the norm at hair salons in New York and all over the world.

Brazilian keratin treatments, also known as BKTs, are complex, time-consuming applications that require the attention of a skilled hair stylist. Here’s how the process breaks down: First, the hairdresser will wash your hair with a gentle shampoo. From there, the Brazilian keratin treatment is applied and worked into the hair, and then the extra Brazilian keratin is rinsed out. Next, the stylist will systematically work through your hair with a hot iron in order to seal the Brazilian keratin treatment in and ensure it sticks. Top hair stylists know how to apply Keratin treatments with minimal down time — you’ll find experts like this only at the best beauty salons in the world. Remember, when it comes to Keratin treatments, it is critical to work with one of the top hair stylists in your area to ensure your hair is not damage and the treatment is a success. You can check back in for a blow out or blow dry a few weeks after the treatment.

Brazilian Keratin Considerations

Brazilian keratin treatments can be time intensive, requiring several hours for application depending on your specific hair type. Additionally, Brazilian keratin is not recommended for anyone who frequently must wet or wash their hair, as washing your hair will essentially remove the bulk of treatment. You can limit some of this loss by washing with Brazilian keratin-friendly shampoos, but each subsequent wash lessens the effects of the treatment. The best hair salons will offer a host of products designed to lengthen the duration of your treatment; ask your salon colorist or hairdresser for more details.

Anything that touches your hair can also damage the Brazilian keratin treatment. Hair bands, hair ties, glasses, headbands and handkerchiefs placed on the hair may cause the treatment to expire more rapidly, so it’s advisable to keep your hair down and styled for the time following your Brazilian keratin treatment. Brazilian keratin treatments can be applied after hair coloring, but will have poor results if applied first—always color first, then use Brazilian keratin.

It’s worth noting that with proper maintenance and care, Brazilian keratin treatments will last up to three months. And there’s a big advantage to having workable, easy hair—imagine how much time you would save every morning if you didn’t have to straighten your hair but could go straight to styling!

Post-treatment care is also a snap: Avoid getting the hair wet or working out for 3-4 days, rinse hair with clear water after exiting a pool or other chemically treated water, and use a sodium-free shampoo. Since Brazilian keratin treatments leave your hair long, soft and manageable, you shouldn’t have to deal much with any other styling products. It’s basically done when you wake up!

Talk to your hair stylist today and find out what Brazilian keratin can do for you. You will not regret it. It’s one of the best treatments available for both woman hair cuts and men hair cuts.




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