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24 05, 2017

Mimosas & Manhattan


My whole life, I have had extremely thick, curly and long hair. I’ve flattened, curled and blow-dried my tresses into oblivion. I recently started to notice that my hair was looking dry, damaged and stringy and began to look for treatments and products to bring a little bit of life back into my locks.

Mimosas & Manhattan
25 09, 2012

Introducing: The Keratin Infusion Refresher!


By now, the miracle of keratin treatments is well known. Millions of us have fallen in love with the smooth, glossy look and feel of our hair after a keratin treatment.

What we’re less in love with is the price of a keratin treatment—that pesky, 72-hour, “no-touch” rule—or the possible damage that can […]

Introducing: The Keratin Infusion Refresher! 2013-05-15T13:22:29+00:00
1 06, 2012

Summer Hair Tips


YGallery Salon in SoHo wants to make sure your hair looks and feels its very best during the summer months. Follow these easy tips to have sexy, natural, beautiful summer hair.

1. Fight frizz

frizzy hair

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27 03, 2012

Keratin Truths


There’s a lot of hyped up, exaggerated or misleading information out there about keratin treatments. Will it make my hair silky straight? Is it permanent? Is it poisonous? As the premiere salon in SoHo specializing in keratin services, YGallery Salon wants to help you sort through some of the myths and truths of this ever-popular […]

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22 03, 2012

Five Easy Tips to Healthier, Happier Hair


Maintaining that gorgeous, post-salon glow is easier than you think. Follow these five, easy tips from the expert image consultants at YGallery Salon in SoHo and your hair (and your stylist) will thank you for it.

1. Don’t Pile on the Damage

Shampoo commercials have brainwashed you into thinking that the best […]

Five Easy Tips to Healthier, Happier Hair 2015-09-10T12:36:40+00:00
30 12, 2011

High Fashion Shout Out in Foxx Code magazine


Foxx Code magazine– a veritable bible of fashion, art and entertainment– features a two page spread on Y Gallery Salon in their current issue. We feel pretty honored to grace these slick pages alongside cultural icons such as fashion photographer James Weber, artist Miguel Paredes, actor Leonardo diCaprio, musician Eddie Baez and dozens of other […]

High Fashion Shout Out in Foxx Code magazine 2013-05-16T13:21:12+00:00
16 09, 2011

Grand Opening Party!


Fashion. Music. Art. Food. Drinks. Dancing.

Its the Grand Opening party that SoHo has been waiting for!

On October 13, Y Gallery Salon will host our clients, neighbors and friends in the artist and fashion communities for the first of many glamorous shindigs. Our walls will be bedecked with the artwork of […]

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3 08, 2011

Hair Health Tip of the Week


Whether you’re looking to maintain your short crop or grow your tresses to luscious lengths, you should trim your hair every 6 weeks, on average. A regular trim not only keeps your locks from splitting at the ends (ew!), but it prevents other damage and breakage that can occur with everyday styling.

Look […]

Hair Health Tip of the Week 2013-05-16T13:22:30+00:00
4 07, 2011

Breathe Easy Brazilians


When Brazilian blow-outs blew up two years ago, every hair salon in the city was offering it. New Yorkers couldn’t get enough of this chemical treatment, which left them with hair shinier, smoother and healthier looking than they ever knew possible.

By now you’ve heard that Brazilian blow-outs require some pretty serious chemicals. These chemicals are […]

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