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Soho is one of the trendiest and most interesting neighborhoods in all of New York City. The area, named for its location (south of Houston Street), has long been the center of NYC’s artistic and fashion scenes, and Soho salons are among the coolest in the country. There are some big benefits to stopping into Soho for a cut, and the neighborhood as a whole offer unforgettable experiences for those seeking a blow out, blow dry, or simple straightforward hair cut and hair color.

What’s so Special About Soho Salons?

Soho salons are special not just because of their location, but for their reputation. Soho houses some of the most trend-forward and respected salons in the country—there’s a reason movie stars and singers are often spotted stepping out of salons in this area. Soho salons offer the best hair cuts in the city. The neighborhood is known for its glamorous yet artsy feel, and Soho salons take that atmosphere and turn it into incredible hair fashion. This is why you’ll find the best hair colorists, top hair stylists, and most respected beauty salons in the world right here in this small neighborhood.
People love Soho because of its proximity to awesome restaurants, great shows and incredible style. Soho salons are at the epicenter of New York’s young and beautiful scene, and a trip to Soho is often interesting simply for the time you spend hanging out in the neighborhood. Simply put, there is no cooler place in Manhattan to hang out than Soho, which in turn makes the Soho salons the best and trendiest in the city.

Why do People Like Soho?

Soho is a curious neighborhood. It’s home to many rich and famous people, but maintains an accessible and fun feeling. It’s one of those special placed in New York City that feels very much like a big city, but also somewhat like a small town. It’s hard to describe, but when you walk the streets of Soho you get the feeling that anything could happen, even if that thing is getting the best hair cut you’ve ever had.

Soho salons run on this vibe of excitement and opportunity. The stylists you’ll find here have solid reputations and a great love for the community, and Soho salons never hire anyone that isn’t absolutely at the top of their game. Since so many people look to work and live in the area, there’s no shortage of qualified and talented stylists to stock in Soho salons, and only the best hair cuts are offered at these trendy salons. Soho’s studio’s are often used at bridal hair salons due to their reputation for quality, and because you can always count on finding amazing salon colorists and salon hair treatments with just a few minutes of searching.

Visiting a salon in Soho can often feel like walking onto a movie set. It has an otherworldly appeal, packed with reams of potential and excitement. The people you meet in Soho, including in Soho salons, are unlike any you’ll meet anywhere else: True New Yorkers, to be sure, but plenty of transplants and tourists as well. The draw of such a trendy and interesting neighborhood, combined with the shining reputations of Soho salons, brings fashionistas in from all over to get their hair styled and fixed by the best.

There’s something special about a Soho salon, and you’ll feel it the moment you walk in the doors. Tour a few Soho salons as soon as you get the chance and you’ll see exactly what we’re talking about. There’s electricity in the air, and it’s a feeling you can carry into your style and life.



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