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Soho Hair

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New York City is the center of the American fashion universe. And if you want to understand the coolest Soho hair fashion trends, you’ll want to look at the broader hairstyles that took Manhattan by storm. Soho hair is the root of all hair in the city, and because of Soho’s status as a regional fashion trendsetter, many of the coolest styles in the city can be traced back to a Soho hair salon.

So what were the Soho hair trends of 2012? What styles did women turn toward in order to bring themselves into the fashion future? We took a look back to see how 2012 Soho hair shaped up. The best hair cuts in NYC were definitely on display in Soho.

Big and Bold Soho Hair

Stylistas all across the city opted for frazzled, expanded locks open to a little breeze waving and muss. Soho hair in this fashion tended to work best for those with naturally curly locks, but salon hair treatments were available and plenty of New York women turned this style into an everyday look. When paired with a nice big pair of sunglasses and the right summer shirt, big and bold could be quite the Soho hair look indeed. The best hair salons and highlights salons embraced big and bold.

Short and Sleek Soho Hair

Soho hair wasn’t all about the big and the beautiful, of course. Plenty of women opted for something shorter and easier to manage, and Soho hair styles worked right into this trend. Chopped bangs, light layers and dark colors ruled the midtown streets, especially among women who were more focused on their careers than on which direction their hair happened to blow. Soho hair in this style borrowed heavily from the indie film and music scenes—the pixie look was way in with those in the Soho hair niche. Hair salons in New York were all over these sleek new looks.

Simple and Cute Soho Hair

In any year, any season, there is always a large collection of women that choose to opt for hairstyles that rely on simplicity in lieu of style. Simple down looks with basic highlights and the best hair salon’s high-quality hair treatments were enough to keep these styles beautiful, and quite a few Soho hair salons have begun offering simple maintenance for those women interested in avoiding complex do’s. In a year where yoga clothes became a citywide uniform, simple and cute often ruled the day. Even men’s hair cuts saw some more fashionable shifts, with cool hair color, pro hairstylists and top-notch salon colorists showing up in male-focused beauty salons across the city.

Attention-Getting Soho Hair

Soho hair did get quite interesting this year with the appearance and increased popularity of non-natural hair colors. Even women in the business world have been caught with slices of blue, orange or purple in their hair, and off-kilter colors are quickly becoming the go-to way for a woman of fashion to differentiate herself from the crowd. Expect to see more Soho hair salons offering non-natural colors into 2013 and beyond, and the best hair salons are already ahead of the curve. Hairdressers and the best hair colorists in the business are on the ball in Soho; the best hair salons have already adjusted to match new trends.

Soho hair has been, and will continue to be, the epicenter of style in New York. If you’re hoping to be on the cutting edge of style, your first look should probably be in the direction of a Soho hair salon. Staying on top of the style pile is rough in any city, but in New York the challenge is especially tall. You’ll need a cunning eye and the help of the best hair salons.

All that really matters, of course, is that you’re comfortable in the style you choose and that you rock the heck out of whatever hair you end up having. It’s your hair—wear it like you love it!



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