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Finding a hair salon is a deeply personal experience. It’s not just your style that you’re working on, but your image of exactly who you want to be. For this reason, there is no one “best” hair salon out there for every potential client, just as there’s no one best hair cut. The local indie salon you love may not be fancy enough for some folks, and the high-end salons may make more casual customers feel uncomfortable.

Finding the best hair salon for you is a process that requires a few hit and miss appointments and quite a bit of online/phone research. That being said, there are some easy ways to spot a good salon and a bad salon before you actually commit to any style work, which in turn can ease you into finding the best hair salon and best hair cut for you. Whether its a trendy Soho salon offering blow outs and Keratin treatments or a regular old beauty salon with a respected hair stylist, it all comes down to preference.

Good Qualities to Look for in Finding the Best Hair Salon

There are several things to consider when finding the best hair salon. First, consider the environment and the location. You want to feel completely comfortable in your salon, and that includes where you park your car or what neighborhood you have to traverse to get there. Second, think about the specific things you want done – the best hair salons in the country often have notable specialties. Finally, consider the price-to-service ratio. The best hair salon won’t be the cheapest, but the one that provides high quality services you need at a price you can handle.

Also, don’t forget the importance of loving and trusting your stylist. Even if a salon is known as the best hair salon in the world, it doesn’t mean much if you don’t like the person working with your hair. Often, the best hair salon for a particular person is the one with the stylist he or she likes most. Feel free to talk to stylists and test a few out to figure out which one works for you—the salon that offers the best hair cut is usually the best hair salon to boot. You may want to focus on a gender-specific stylist; some specialize in men’s hair cuts while others work exclusively with woman hair cuts.

Things to Watch out for in Your Hunt for the Best Hair Salon

Every salon is different, this is true. But when you’re looking for the best hair salon for you, there are a couple of solid truths you should keep in mind that can help you spot a bad salon early. Most important is the cleanliness of the salon—the best hair salons are very serious about keeping tools sterile and their workspaces clean for clients. If you feel as though a salon is dirty or gross, move on. It’s also critical to compare services; some salons have dedicated salon colorists and sharp hairdressers, while others use a “one stylist fits all” approach. Top hair salons in New York, for example, often specialize in one key niche.

Next, keep an eye out for predatory deals or specials. Some salons will offer cheap services upfront to get you in the door, but will quickly tack on a bunch of hidden costs. The best hair salons are always clear about the costs and fees associated with whatever you’re having done and never treat you like a wallet waiting to be picked. Finally, be wary of salons offering free drinks and other amenities. Those types of benefits are worked into the price of your services, and you could end up dramatically overpaying when all is said and done.

Finding the best hair salon certainly takes time and effort, but the end result is almost always worth the work. Once you find the stylist and salon that suit your needs perfectly, you’ll be glad you took the time to do things right. After all, landing the best hair cut you’ve ever had isn’t something that comes out of the blue. It’s your hair, so take the time to get it done right.



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