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Best Hair Salons in
New York City

Best Hair Salons in
New York City

About Our Manhattan Hair Salon

At YGallery Salon in SoHo, our approach is to design a look that reflects your personality and style. This requires a genuine connection. We uncover our client’s true essence and genuine style in order to bring out their best self, connecting their inner being with their outer beauty. Our clients leave our hair salon feeling sexy, confident and powerful. The discovery of this connection drives the passion behind our artistry.

Our team is passionate about the craft of hairdressing, and we dedicate ourselves to creating a hair design that becomes an essential element of your style — a design that makes you feel unique, special and confident. Our team has trained internationally, and we are committed to remaining at the peak of our expertise, shaping hair that is classic with a modern edge and adaptable to changing fashion.

From haircuts and coloring to extensions and hair treatments, our professional hair stylists can do it all. Check out a list of our hair services here.

Our salon exudes inspired, welcoming energy. Here, people feel connected. It is a gathering place aside from the city hustle, where we uplift our clients through the experience and care of our expert team. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation.

Why Choose Our Hair Salon in Manhattan?

There are many reasons and benefits to choosing our local, fashion-forward hair salon. Our team of professional hair stylists understands that your hair is more than just your hair. It’s the way you express your unique individuality, and we want to provide you with a hair design you’re proud of.

We’ve listed a few reasons why you should give us a try below, but if you have any additional questions or concerns, feel free to contact our team for more information.

Our Personal Approach

Our mission is to provide you with a hair design that showcases your personality and individuality. We make a genuine, personal connection with our clients, and this connection helps us in finding a hair design that best highlights their inner and outer beauty. We will always offer you a one-of-a-kind experience that will have you excited to visit us everytime you schedule a service.

Our Location

We are conveniently located in the heart of SoHo, where all big-name fashion experts and artists live. What more could you really ask for from a hair salon?

Our Energy

We have an energy like no other here at our Manhattan hair salon. Our goal is to emerge you into an inspiring environment that temporarily takes you away from the everyday city hustle and bustle. Here, you’ll feel relaxed, taken care of, and connected.

Our Professional Hair Stylists

Our team consists of some of the most qualified, experienced hair stylists in the entire state of New York. We always stay-up-date on modern hair trends, and we strive to make ourselves better at our trade every single day. Whether you want to try something completely new and different or you are looking for a hair stylist that will do precisely what you want, you can rest assured that your hair is always in good hands when you step into our hair salon.

Our Phenomenal Cut and Color Services

Cut and color is our specialty here at YGallery. Our team is dedicated to creating a hair design for you that becomes an essential element of your style — a look that makes you feel unique, special and confident. Feel free to get creative with any of our stylists, if that’s up your alley!

Our Hair Salon’s Atmosphere

We intentionally made our hair salon a trendy, modern and chic place to hang out. We guarantee that it will always be clean, comfortable and welcoming every time you visit us for your hair service.

What are you waiting for? Schedule an appointment at YGallery Salon in Manhattan today. We’re sure you won’t regret it.

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