A Cut, A Style and An Anniversary

Take a look at this blog post by DivaLicious creator and editor-in-chief Lauren Costanza (pictured above, wearing her versatile new do in a side-swept low ponytail.) Yoni and I (Yaniv) recently hit our 10 year anniversary as business partners. We wanted to celebrate by treating some of our loyal customers to a quick prime and primp. Lauren came in for a trendy wash, cut and blow that was completed all within a typical lunch break period. Yoni and I discussed options with Lauren, eventually opting for voluminous layers that could be worn beautifully in a number of styles. It just goes to show that you don’t need a drastic change to feel like a brand new you! Yoni and I look forward to revamping all our clients’ dos for the summer; we can’t wait to help you reveal what the cold winter has hidden!


YGallery Salon Soho