Salon Colorist

Everyone has their talents, and stylists are no different. Some are experts of the cut, deftly chopping locks and snipping strands to create the perfect look. Others are masters of the blow out, ready to style the hair once it’s cut and ready to go. And, finally, some are incredibly adept at choosing and applying colors.

A salon colorist is a person that falls into the last category—a stylist with immense skill in changing the hair color of his or her clients and creating stunning results. In good beauty salons, where specialties are split between talented artists, the salon colorist is responsible for all of the color decisions made on a client’s hair. In some cases, the client may defer all decisions to the salon colorist, who is free to improvise with the final look.

If you find a beauty salon with a great salon colorist, you’ll want to hang on to it.

What Makes a Great Salon Colorist?

Coloring hair is an immensely technical process that demands an understanding of color theory, a vast expertise with different hair types and the ability to work directly with clients to help them achieve their dream look. Salon colorists are responsible for balancing all of these tiny elements in concert and ensuring the final look is exactly what the client had hoped for. It’s certainly not easy.

Here’s what to look for in a salon colorist:


Coloring hair is an art, so you’ll want you salon colorist to approach the work with a sense of passion and freedom. Think of your hair as the canvas and the colorist as the painter—the more creative and inspired the colorist, the better the end result. Top hair stylists are versed in more than just men hair cuts, woman hair cuts, and salon hair treatments like Brazilian Keratin; they also know how to work with your hair to find the absolute best hair color for your individual look.


Coloring hair isn’t as simple as slapping some dye in and hoping things work out. Look for salon colorists with strong reputations and bold, impressive portfolios to save yourself the trouble of a bad dye job. Professionalism and an understanding of the client’s needs are also very important for salon colorists. Complex tasks like Ombre highlights, Balayage, and other coloring processes require the work of the best hair salon around and the best hair colorist to match.


How many friends do you know with a great stylist that’s impossible to reach or book? If you find a salon colorist you like, chances are good you’ll want to visit them again when it’s time for a touch-up. A reliable, non-insane schedule and courteous booking practices go a long way for salon colorists.

For many hair lovers, finding the right salon colorist can be more difficult than tracking down a boyfriend or girlfriend. There are so many tiny factors that go into considering whether a salon colorist works for you that it can seem like ages from when you start the hunt to when you finally find the perfect match.

The one thing to keep in mind is that better beauty salons generally have better salon colorists. Those salons with solid reputations and a track record for stunning results earn their accolades by hiring the perfect people, and an immensely talented salon colorist can serve as the backbone for a beauty salon looking to up its profile in the style community.

Look for good reviews and trendy spots and you’ll probably find yourself a few solid salon colorists along the way.