Adi Nujeidat

Adi NujeidatAdi is a hair designer whose vision is to make people happy. He believes that through his art and the expression of his soul, he can achieve this. Adi is passionate about making the world a more beautiful place. He dreams relay the message that each person is beautiful, and through giving them a unique look, he can enhance their beauty. Adi has taught master styling classes, volunteered for charity projects, done photoshoots with models, styled hair for television, and worked for international magazines like “Vogue Italy,” “Chaos Magazine,” “LaEsha,” “Yedot Ahronot,” and “FaceOn.” He owned “Solo Woman by Adi,” for seven years and has plenty of experience with bridal and special occasion hair styling.

Adi’s Solo Woman in Nazareth quickly built up an audience of thousands of clients with 100% satisfaction rate. Soon after, he became an ambassador for INDOLA Israel. While working with INDOLA, Adi traveled across Europe to style hair for multiple fashion shows.

His experience also includes:
Ambassador for INOVA Professional
International Beauty Show NYC
Primmer Orlando
Popsugar magazine

With a strong foundation and focus on customer service, Adi is known for his dedication to making sure your experience is grandiose.